Tips for Selecting Hearing Aids

Tips for Selecting Hearing Aids

Shopping for hearing aids can be an overwhelming step in your decision to acknowledge and treat hearing loss. If you feel intimidated at the thought of choosing an audiologist and the right hearing intervention, you are not alone! A 2017 study reported that one third of adults with hearing loss do not seek treatment for their condition.

Deciding to seek treatment for hearing loss is a brave step that can be made easier by doing some research so that you feel more confident and knowledgeable about the road ahead. 

Our Team is Here to Help

Audiology is the study of hearing and balance disorders. Audiologists are highly trained medical professionals who can diagnose and provide treatment for conditions like hearing loss. Our practice is dedicated to helping people with hearing loss find their best hearing solutions. Our team comprises compassionate listeners and we rely on evidence-based outcomes to make recommendations for treatment. Your hearing health journey will often begin once you meet with us and undergo a simple and painless hearing test to determine if you have hearing loss. 

Find out your type of hearing loss

Hearing loss is the outcome of a variety of causes. The type of hearing loss you have will determine how your hearing loss can be treated. For instance, you may have noise-induced hearing loss in only one ear, which means that for you, one hearing aid is a sufficient intervention. 

However, you might have age-related hearing loss present in both ears and at varying degrees. For you, two hearing aids, one for each ear might provide you with a more robust hearing aid experience. 

Take stock of your lifestyle

We will ask for some background on your lifestyle. It’s not pure nosiness, it’s to help us give you the best recommendations for the hearing aids you might need! If you are a person with an active lifestyle, but do not have experience or interest in learning new technologies, we will use those bits of information to find you a durable hearing aid without the bells and whistles that a tech-oriented individual might crave. 

Ask questions

There is no question you have that shouldn’t be asked in your search for hearing aids. Because your audiologist is in the business of helping people find the right solution, you can bet that they’ve heard most of your questions before and probably even expect them! 

You should also inquire about warranties associated with different hearing aid brands and models. Some include extensive warranties, covering small repairs and maintenance, that can help support you in the longevity of your hearing aid and the cost to your budget over time.

Expect a learning curve

Hearing aids only work if you use them. Because wearing hearing aids is often a new experience, expect that it will take some time to adjust to the habit and learn how to get the most from your investment. Your audiologist may let you take them for a spin to see how you like a particular brand before buying. They might also offer lots of follow-up and education so that you can be sure you’re properly wearing, caring for and utilizing all the benefits of your hearing aids. 

Enlist a buddy

Asking a friend or family member to accompany you in your search for the perfect hearing aid is a great move that can alleviate some of the overwhelm. They can help you take notes and be an informed source to return to as you inevitably sort through a lot of information. The moral support they provide can give you the confidence to ask all of your questions, and they can also help you explain the full extent of your lifestyle and needs. 

Make an appointment for a consultation

We are happy to help you take the first step towards treating hearing loss by performing an initial consultation and hearing screening. Once we have your diagnosis, we can begin to work together to explore the best hearing aid options for you and your unique lifestyle. 

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