Hearing Evaluation

Hearing Evaluations

Pediatric & Adult

We have the tools to conduct diagnostic hearing evaluations for both children and adults. Our diagnostic evaluation battery for children may include; otoscopy, tympanometry, acoustic reflexes, otoacoustic emissions, behavioral observation audiometry, visual reinforcement audiometry, and different types of speech testing to meet your child's needs. Our diagnostic evaluation for adults may include; otoscopy, tympanometry, acoustic reflexes and decay, otoacoustic emissions, air and bone conduction testing and speech testing. We will detect medical issues, recognize possible concerns, and detect changes in hearing with regular hearing tests.
Hearing aid fitting

Digital Hearing Aid Fitting for All Ages

Kids are different from adults. Their anatomy is smaller, they are still developing, and other factors can affect their hearing compared with adults. We've had hearing loss training in children and are qualified to communicate differently to children than adults. We help your child to make them feel more secure with the hearing health process, no matter what they need help with.
Cochlear Implant Mapping

Cochlear Implant Mapping, Upgrading & Troubleshooting

We support children and adults with cochlear implants for severe or profound hearing loss. Cochlear implants could be a choice if your child is deaf or hard of hearing or know someone who isn't benefiting from hearing aids.
Remote Cochlear Implant Services

Remote Cochlear Implant Services

Remote Check is a convenient, at-home testing tool that allows you to complete a hearing review using your a compatible smartphone without having to travel to the clinic. It's never been easier or more convenient for your clinician to check your hearing health, and ensure that you continue to hear your best.
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BAHA Fitting, Upgrading, & Troubleshooting

BAHA stands for Bone Anchored Hearing Aid. BAHA devices can be utilized to treat many different types of hearing loss including; conductive or mixed losses and single sided deafness. These implants are designed to help you hear more, do more, and immerse yourself in the surrounding world. We're a center for fitting, upgrading, and maintaining BAHA implants.
Baha Fitting

Education Consultations

As we work with children and their hearing loss, we are uniquely skilled at helping students with hearing difficulties to hear better in school. The aim is to help children develop academically on par with their normal hearing peers.
Education Consultation

Alerting Devices for Hearing Impaired Users

Assistive listening systems, or ALDs, help people with hearing loss hear better in certain situations. The noise-to-speech ratio is improved by ALDs, making it easier to understand natural speech. Such systems also aid in reducing background noise.
Alerting Devices for Hearing Impaired Users

Custom Earmolds

We sell a wide variety of custom earmolds in Orlando, FL, protective devices for whatever you love to do. From swimmers plugs to musicians hearing protectors, our protection means you don't have to stop doing what you love because of loud sounds.

  • Swim Plugs
  • Noise Plugs
  • Custom iPod Earmolds
Custom Earmolds

Ear Impressions for Musician's Earplugs

Westone, Ultimate Ears, & Other Independent Manufacturers

With our personalized musician earplugs and in-ear musician monitors (IEMs), we provide advanced hearing solutions for musicians and stage performers. We emphasize a high-quality experience when listening to music and also provide you with long-term hearing protection.
Ear Impressions

Telehealth - Remote Hearing Care

We understand that the pandemic has changed the way you might want to receive medical care. If you can't leave your home or can't access our physical office, we now provide a range of hearing aid telehealth services.

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