The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

Fewer accidents and falls

The Hearing Health Foundation found that there are more people living with hearing loss than the combined amount of people living with Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes. Despite the prevalence of hearing loss, researchers report that only 20% of those in need of hearing aids have sought adequate medical care. 

On the positive side, recent findings indicate that people with hearing loss who use hearing aids see a rapid increase in their ability to listen and comprehend in many environments. Many individuals report an improvement, whether in their relationships at home and work, in their social lives, or in their ability to interact with loved ones and colleagues. Some also claim that they feel more active and independent. 

However, without hearing treatment, there could be consequences. Researchers are exploring the correlation between untreated hearing loss and a wide range of health problems. That's why it is essential to take the treatment of any hearing loss seriously. Here are some of the many benefits of treating your hearing loss!

Fewer accidents and falls

Although no one knows how many falls are associated with hearing loss per year, researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine have found that people with hearing loss are three times more likely to fall than those without hearing loss. 

Hearing loss is assumed to distract from spatial awareness, which raises the risk of tripping and dropping. Other studies have pointed out the balance issues that can occur when people live with untreated hearing loss.

Improved cognitive health

Improved cognitive health

In conjunction with the National Institute on Aging, further analysis found that seniors with hearing loss are substantially more likely than those without hearing loss to experience dementia over time. 

Dr. Frank Lin, a researcher at Johns Hopkins University, suggests that "if you want to address hearing loss well, do it sooner rather than later." before hearing loss has a chance to alter the structures in the brain, leading to brain atrophy. This could occur when areas of the brain responsible for sound processing lie unused due to hearing loss.

The good news is that hearing aids help minimize brain atrophy. Additionally, recent research supports that the treatment of hearing loss with hearing aids can delay the cognitive decline associated with hearing loss.

Better communication and connection with others

Better communication and connection with others

Untreated hearing loss can cause social isolation, as hearing problems and "missing out" on the jokes and anecdotes in real-time frequently cause individuals to withdraw from friends, loved ones, and activities that bring them happiness. 

Numerous quality-of-life issues, including depression, disease, fatigue, and even shorter life spans, are closely related to social isolation. Treatment with hearing aids helps you to hear, engage, and ensure that you're not missing out on the people and things that make life worth living.

Improved Safety

Improved safety

Missed or misheard signals such as car horns, alarms, and other warning tones can jeopardize a person's ability to remain safe and keep others around them safe. 

Treating hearing loss with hearing aids improves spatial awareness and the awareness of sounds designed to grab your immediate attention for safety purposes. This will help ensure that you will hear every car horn, smoke alarm, bike bell, or emergency warning.

Maintained earning capacity

Maintained earning capacity

Did you realize that your earning capacity could potentially be improved by using hearing aids? A study by the Better Hearing Institute found that untreated hearing loss could decrease your annual income by as much as $30,000. The study also showed that correcting hearing loss with hearing aids lowered the likelihood of reduced earnings by more than 90% for people with mild hearing loss, and almost 77% for moderate to severe hearing loss.

Treat your hearing loss sooner rather than later

There are many advantages to identifying and tackling hearing loss early. The argument for early care is clear, from improving your quality of life to helping to protect against several health risks related to unaddressed hearing loss. 

The sooner you treat it, the more benefits you will gain. So don't delay! Contact us at Hearing Associates of Central Florida today for a hearing consultation.

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